Portable Toilets and Honey Sucker Service

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Portable Toilets and Honey Sucker Service

Where else could you get a collapsible toilet? We have designed our own, patented, foldable portable toilet. This new and exciting option has a proven track record in the supply and servicing of portable chemical toilets to wide variety of clients. This option is a miracle solution for surface, underground and bay areas. This product is light weight, durable, easy to assemble and de-assemble, low cost and is supplied in a polypropylene bag all while being transported in bulk because of it being foldable. Upon delivery you will also be provided with sachets of biodegradable chemicals to make sure the highest hygiene level is upheld. 

We offer a plastic range of portable toilets (Non Flush, Flush, VIP) and the Executive Trailer Toilets.


VIP Toilet Trailers 

A VIP toilet to make the fortunate and famous feel fabulous. Our exclusive VIP toilet trailers are as luxurious as they come. They are flushable and come with a basin as well as a had soap dispenser.  


Portable Toilets and Sanitation Bowsers 

Keeping it clean for those things that should be unseen. We provide portable toilets as well as sanitation bowsers. As we all know it is extremely important to keep toilet facilities hygienic and to make sure those who use these facilities are protected from bacteria. 


Trailer Units 


Non Flushing Toilets 


3 Station Urinals


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Portable Toilet Rental and Cleaning Services in the areas surrounding Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Carltonville, Witbank, Steelepoort & Southgate. Our regional offices in Gauteng, Western Cape, North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Kwazulu Natal all provide residential, commercial  and industrial service excellence.