Spring in Camperdown

Spring in Camperdown

Although its been an cold start to spring in some
parts of the country. Camperdown is gearing up for
the month of Spring Cleaning.


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Our First Site Laundry Service

Our First Site Laundry Service

This month saw Camperdown launching its very
first onsite laundry service at Ferro Group in Brakpan. This unique service allows companies to have
a fully operating laundry service on site for employees.
Laundry is collected, washed, dried, sanitised and
then delivered to employees, ready to for another
day. All items are recorded in our onsite register.
This new service gives employers the piece of mind
knowing their employees clothing is clean and sanitized before entering the workplace. This creates a
hygienic and safe work environment. This is a great
concept for companies with a large workforce who
require protective clothing on a daily basis


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Warehouse cleaning

Warehouse cleaning

With the recent unrest that occurred in parts of the
country in July 2021, we are reminded of the importance warehousing plays in our economy. Goods
need to be stored in areas that are safe, clean and
hygienic. Warehouse cleaning is an intricate task,
not for the faint of hearted. This service often requires high rise cleaning, sending our staff onto
ledges meters above the ground. Camperdown
staff members are well trained in this regard. Customers can be assured of a job not only well done
but also done safely.
With the recent unrests in KwaZulu Natal and
Gauteng. Camperdown answered the call to assist our communities in the clean-up process.
Thank you to all staff members who lended their
time and energy to this initiative.

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