Full House Cleaning 

You work, you visit family, you see friends, you cook, you look after children, you exercise, do you REALLY have to clean? The answer is no, you do notWe have multiple cleaning options for you whether you are a person with a home, a business, a shop or any other form of space that needs cleaning, we’ve got you covered. 

Stop throwing the shrinkables in the warm wash and just get us to do it for you. No mess, no fuss, no shrunken clothes, no iron burns. Only fresh crisp clothes. You could even get us to clean the rest of your home. That way you can maximize the time you do have to relax. 

An in-house laundry service, providing the full spectrum of washing and ironing required to ensure that uniforms are clean and free of any bacteria, has become an important issue to some of the major companies who cannot always guarantee that their staff will report for duty in acceptably clean uniforms.

This is especially true in environments where staff is subjected to dirty work conditions such as mines.

Camperdown Health & Hygiene uses top of the range equipment, washing powder and other detergents to ensure clean clothing being re-issued. Camperdown is in a position to supply industrial type washing machines and tumble driers at reasonable prices.

We also offer specialist window and shutter cleaning for Residential and Commercial clients