Our specialised cleaning services clean “target specific” areas of your business premises , from small SME business to large South African corporates.

Specialised cleaning requires very specific equipment and detergents. At Camperdown, our staff are highly trained to handle these tasks and all have experience in using the specific materials involved.

Our specialised cleaning services are suited to any industry

No matter what industry you’re in and what type of buildings you occupy, our specialised cleaning services can be used in your business. From healthcare and hospitality building cleaning to office park and retail centre cleaning, we’ll keep all parts of your premises clean and free of germs on an ongoing basis.

Specialised cleaning services that cover all parts of your building

Our specialist cleaning services cover all parts of your building, from ceilings and floors to windows and upholstery. Specifically, our services include the following:

  • Office Cleaning:  Camperdown Health & Hygiene has been providing daily cleaning services to a wide variety of customers over an extended period with an aim to exceed expectations all the time. Tailormade solutions to Employers flexibility ensure our fully trained and neatly uniformed cleaning Staff fit seamlessly within your organization read more
  • Deep Cleaning Services: Our deep cleaning services are responsible for reaching and cleaning often-neglected areas or locations with a high concentration of bacteria. We use industry approved chemicals that are not harmful to the environment or to humans read more
  • Laundry and Housekeeping:  It is considered essential to perform professional chemical deep cleaning on a regular basis to prevent contamination and cross-infection.  Our deep cleaning services are responsible for reaching and cleaning often-neglected areas or locations with a high concentration of bacteria. We use industry approved chemicals that are not harmful to the environment or to humans read more
  • Carpet Cleaning Services: This includes both wet extraction and dry powder maintenance depending on how often you need your carpets cleaned. Camperdown also specialises in carpet cleaning and the provision of dust trapping entrance carpets read more
  • Pest Management:  Pest control has become an essential service to ensure a safe environment. Camperdown has extensive experience to provide all the pest control services to manage rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, bees, flies and fleas. We will place bait traps for rodents as identified by our specialists and we will service the traps on a monthly basis to ensure that that it remains effective read more
  • Matting: Camperdown provides matting services which include entrance carpets for the commercial, retail and industrial sectors. We can put company logos on mats and rotate it with a second set while the first one is cleaned. Your company image meets your clients and also traps unwanted dust and dirt read more
  • Hygiene Equipment Rentals: Camperdown specialises in the supply (purchased or rented) of hygiene equipment used in toilets, washrooms, kitchens and general office areas. These hygiene solutions have become an essential part of hygiene and include air fresheners, soap dispensers, sanitary bins, paper towel dispensers, auto sanitizers and other read more
  • Portable toilets & Sanitation bowsers: Camperdown Health & Hygiene has a proven track record in the supply and servicing of portable chemical toilets to wide variety of clients. We are presently the only cleaning company that can supply a sanitation bowser which is used underground to facilitate the cleaning of buckets read more

Chemicals and Staffing

The cleaning chemicals used by Camperdown are SABS approved and has been extensively in use with portable toilets, is environmental and user friendly. The chemicals will eliminate harmful bacteria and the worst of unpleasant odours. In addition the subject chemicals will also assist with the breakdown of solids facilitating the handling.

Camperdown’s uniformed staff is extensively trained in the maintaining and servicing of toilets, both underground and on surface and operates under supervision. When required by law, our staff will be dressed in PPE (Protective Personal Equipment.) Daily feedback reports will be completed and handed to employers or their representative.

Depending on your specific needs, we can provide our specialised cleaning services either as a value add-on to your regular cleaning contract with us, or as a once-off task if you don’t need specialised cleaning on a recurring basis.

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