Prevent Nesting Birds Around Your Commercial Facility

Nesting birds around a commercial facility can be more than just a simple nuisance; these pests are well known for the damage they cause and the diseases they spread.

Stress & Disease

When it comes to decorating your facility for the holidays, you don’t need the added stress of pest birds. The local pest control professionals at Camperdown have been helping business owners with pest problems since 1986 and with our vast amount of experience and knowledge, we have the ability to evict birds and keep them from returning.

Birds can damage your structure with their droppings and their nest building; they tarnish your property as much as they can tarnish your reputation. It is also well known that pest birds like Rock Pigeons, starlings, crows, geese, ducks can spread serious diseases through the spores in their feces.

Complete Elimination

Another consequence of having birds on your property is that employees and customers can accidentally step on bird droppings and slip, causing expensive medical bills to come your way. Because these birds can be a major nuisance, completely eliminating them can be somewhat of a challenge, especially if you attempt to get rid of these pests on your own.

To achieve total bird control, contact the experts of Nesting Birds pest control . We offer bird deterrents including

  • environmental and structural modifications
  • exclusion installations
  • nest and roost removal
  • roost decontamination
  • flock dispersion

We place the highest priority on the safe and humane treatment of all birds, focusing on techniques that are non-lethal. To prevent structural damage, health concerns and bad publicity, partner with the pest control professionals  to eliminate your nesting birds problems and keep them from coming back.

At Camperdown, we provide Nesting Birds Pest Control service for homes and businesses in South Africa. If you are looking for a commercial pest control partnership, look no further than Camperdown. Give us a call today to learn more about our bird deterrent solutions and to schedule a free inspection to make sure that nesting birds aren’t part of your holiday decorating!