In the race between  “Hiring a Cleaning Company vs Hiring Cleaning Staff ” , the Cleaning Company is always going to win!

There are several reasons you should be choosing a cleaning service rather than hiring your own staff.

You need to ask yourself – “Are ready to become an Employer and face all the responsibilities that come with being one?”. There are tax issues, payrolls, annual leave, overtime, supplying the right cleaning products, training the employee as well as property theft / damage & insurance, to name but a few of the headaches that come along with hiring your own staff.

When the children and your cleaners are on holiday, your plate is full enough, you don’t need the added stress of trying to find replacement cleaners for your office or business property.

Camperdown Health & Hygiene will ensure you always have someone keeping your office spotless at all times. Camperdown Health & Hygiene provide specially trained, competent, well presented staff members. And the best part, all payroll and HR functions for the employee are taken care of.

Camperdown Health & Hygiene pride ourselves on the comprehensive training program that all our cleaners go through from the outset . The training includes but is not limited to; the use and handling of chemicals required for cleaning services, dealing with Customers, Health & Safety, Environmental Policies as well as hygiene and appearance.

So all in all, whether you are looking for staff to clean your home, office or business property, using Camperdown Health & Hygiene is going to save you time, effort and reduce the stress related to providing these services.

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