As anything, Solar Panels need its TLC to give you the most power output it is designed to give. It is recommended that you clean your panels quarterly or it depends on the area or situation for cleaning of solar panels. Dust, debris, and bird pooh, sea air and pollution can have an impact on the amount of electricity generated by your model. Grime and bird pooh does not need to cover an entire area of your panel to have an effect.

Cleaning of solar panels consist of various steps to make sure the panels are cleaned a safe way to ensure no damage to the panels, and also the safety the cleaner working at heights.

We at Camperdown always look after our client’s buildings and accessories as if it’s our own. We keep our staff trained on how to clean solar panels and also use the appropriate chemicals in order to ensure that the panels we clean stay clean as long as possible.

Give us a call to clean your panels, so they can work the way they worked the first day you installed them. We clean homes or businesses solar panels.


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